Rashtriya Avishkar Abhiyan

The Ministry of Education (MoE) introduced Rashtriya Avishkar Abhiyan (RAA) initiative with an aim to integrate school based knowledge to life outside the school by bringing higher educational institutes like IIT, NIT, ISRO etc. closer to government schools and making learning of Science and Mathematics “a joyful and meaningful activity”.

This involves use of technology and innovative methodologies in capacity building of teachers and benefiting students.

UNISED in collaboration with IIT Kanpur, IIT Delhi, IIT Guwahati, IIT Roorkee, ISRO, NIT Goa etc. is implementing Rashtriya Avishkar Abhiyan activities in Delhi, Uttarakhand, Goa, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Uttar Pradesh and Puducherry.

Our Work

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Programs & Activities

Establishment of low cost solar power based smart classrooms for improvement of quality of education.

Science exhibition/book fair.

Organize visits to Science Museums and Higher Educational Institutes.

Exposure visits for students within the state and outside the state.

Science and Mathematics Learning Resource Kits based on NCERT for schools.

State level Science/Maths seminar, competitions and quizzes.

Pre, Mid and Post assessment of students and teachers.

Monitoring of project and third-party assessment by Government monitoring institutes.

School support supervision (Monitoring, Audio Visual content, Technical support).

Hands-on teachers training and capacity building workshops for Science and Maths teachers by IIT Kanpur/IIT Roorkee/NITs/State HIE.

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